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Flex Recruiting Services

In our Flex Recruiting Services division, we offer an exciting new recruiting methodology where we act as a direct extension of an existing recruiting team, or in place of one. This unique approach is proven to yield great results. For more information, click below!

Virtual Support Services

Based on our Flex Recruiting model, our Virtual Support Services offers an opportunity for any business leader, in any industry, any size company, at any phase of business maturity to have access to expert virtual support from seasoned executive assistant professionals.

News and Updates

AIS Partners with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society

AIS is happy to partner with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) and to champion the many important life saving initiatives of this non-profit organization. All members of the AIS team are focused on supporting this important work within our community through our Spring 2021 fundraiser. Funds raised by our team members during the Spring drive will be matched dollar for dollar by AIS and will directly benefit changing care for children and adults with blood cancers, pioneering immunotherapy and clinical trials, improving prevention and survivorship, reducing the cost of cancer care, and spearheading research for blood cancers and other like diseases.

For more information on the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, please visit their website below: https://www.lls.org/. To donate to the AIS LLS Spring Drive, please visit this link: Antony International Solutions – LLS Spring Drive Donations.

Hello Abigail and Creta!


We are very excited to welcome our two newest team members, Abigail and Creta! Abigail joins our team as an office assistant, and Creta will be joining our Flex Recruiting Services division as a Sourcing Specialist.

Our June MVP - Renee!

This month, we are celebrating Renee, one of our rockstar flex recruiters! Renee has been a reliable rock for our team, thank you so much Renee!

Welcome Back Exostar!

Exostar is a leader in identity access management and secure cloud solutions that improve collaboration, information sharing, and supply chain management. We are very excited to be working together again!. Learn more here!

Big Welcome to Project Ronin!

We are very excited to announce that we are working with Project Ronin, who are developing a cancer intelligence platform that provides all the information physicians need, in one place, to assess patient care options and take action. Learn more here!

Welcome Element Markets

We are very excited to be working with Element Markets, an innovative environmental organization working to create smart sustainability and compliance solutions. Learn more here!

About Our Team

Antony International Solutions (AIS) was born from the belief that innovation is at the heart of business and innovation isn’t possible with the limitations of tradition. This belief created the tenets of AIS; Flexibility, Learning, Efficiency, Communication, Transparency. Every decision, process and best practice were formed under the conditions of our AIS tenets, moreover, built in the belief and action of family and health first, always.

When it comes to change and evolution in business, Human Resources, Recruiting and Support roles are often overlooked within an organization. Our CEO, Angela Antony has believed these functions not only had a desperate need for change and evolution, but specifically the invention of a new methodology. 

The birth of Flex Recruiting occurred in 2013 after Angela Antony worked in Corporate America for 12 years and pursued contract recruiter roles with an attitude of total flexibility.  Her method was simple and brilliant; let’s take the best pieces from the three traditional methods of recruiting (in-house, staffing agency, contract recruiters), sprinkle in flexibility, and produce a solution that adjusts to the inevitable ups and downs of any business’ hiring needs.  Oh, and one more important quality, keep it affordable. Since 2013 AIS has had the great experience of providing Flex Recruiting services to a variety of different companies with equally different needs, industries, and job types. And yet, the same flexible solution met their needs in a way that no traditional method could.

During the 2020 Pandemic Shut Down the AIS team did what it does best, adapts and flexes whenever needed. The team recognized the importance of taking advantage of the time they had when client support was slow and not only fine tune operations, best practices, prospecting, financial planning, training and more, but to also identify a new line of business. 

This brings us to the birth of Virtual Support Services in 2021. We took our same business model and methodology in Flex Recruiting and applied it to support roles for any business leader, in any industry and size of business. Even two working parent situations who simply needed a hand planning a family reunion or to manage their personal and home life. We knew there was a clear need for support in the world and that Covid made that need for expert remote/virtual support even more evident.

As a result of the new line of business AIS restructured from a stand alone LLC to a Corporation with three divisions: Flex Recruiting Services, Virtual Support Services and Corporate.

Angela Antony
CEO of AIS Corporation

The creator and pioneer of Antony International Solutions (AIS). With more than 20 years of corporate recruiting and over 10 years of business leadership experience, she has created a brand recognized for its innovation, quality, flexibility, attention-to-detail, and efficiency. Since 2012, AIS has worked with a multitude of different clients and industries. As a result, she has proven that the innovative business model and methodology of the Flex Recruiting Services and Virtual Support Services business lines are the ideal solutions for any business or business leader.

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Kristin Pantoja
COO of AIS Corporation

Being one of the earliest members of AIS, she has worked with Angela to bring the vision of AIS to life. She is a shining example of how AIS utilizes a diverse skill set and aligns it with our values and methodologies. Today, Kristin is the COO of AIS. With more than 15 years of experience, her time as an Executive Assistant and Recruiter has made her an ideal team member and leader of AIS.

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Hannah Hillig
Operations Manager of AIS Corporation

Hannah comes to our team with years of HR and operations experience. She will be collaborating with our COO to work on taking our behind-the-scenes operations to the next level, and she will also be an integral part of our new Virtual Support Services division.

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Tyler Holt
Technology Associate of AIS Corporation

Tyler leverages his background in computer science to contribute to all things technology at AIS, from website administration, to social media management, research and implementation of new tools, and more.

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