Best preactice 2023 Reflection

     This March, the team at AIS participated in a day-long virtual training session in which we debated our somewhat outdated work best practices and how we could streamline them to benefit everyone. A few of our team members organized a Law and Order jury-style presentation to “put the best practices on trial.” The presentation gave the presenters an opportunity to show off their creativity in the workplace and did so with flying colors. Many of the slides in the presentation paved the way for us to have in-depth dialogues about specific practices I’m sure none of us had even given a second thought toward. The discussions following highlighted just how important having an open mind in the workplace really is. 

      In our conversation, AIS leadership gave myself and the team a chance to share our ideas regarding old best practices, and we even had a few topics of discourse which led to the scribing of completely new practices. The whole experience was entirely reflective of our tenets as a company, and especially the open form of communication the team has birthed to continually improve and update our process. What I most enjoyed about the training was the fact that our venerable leadership team was genuinely looking for our opinions and perspectives with complete openness and honesty, resulting in improved cohesion as a team, as well as a big smile on my face.

–Luke Holt