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At Antony International Solutions we believe there is a better way to do recruiting. A more valuable, flexible and transparent approach that helps us gain your trust of our clients and helps you to get the hiring help they need at a cost they can afford. We focus on delivering a straightforward method that ebbs and flows with the independent needs of your business.

The way we work is innovative and flexible. Our diverse team is a combination of full time employees and part time contractors. We have mastered the ability to balance our time to not only meet but exceed your needs while prioritizing our health and family.

The Partners

Kristin Pantoja

Managing Partner and Flex Recruiter

Melissa Sage

Managing Partner and Flex Recruiter

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The FRS Division

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Neta Freeland

Flex Recruiter

Jaime Finnicum

Flex Recruiter

Tyler Holt

Flex Recruiting Associate

Luke Holt

Flex Recruiting Associate

Stephanie Botello

Flex Recruiting Associate

Courtney Burrell