Is Unemployment Affecting Your Company? – When people would rather stay at home and collect unemployment vs. going back to work.


  • You had to furlough, business has picked up, and you need your people back.
  • Your employees are “milking” unemployment right now.
  • When “normal” unemployment benefits run out for people, they might get to keep them through the end of the year.
  • Unemployment Insurance Fraud is on the rise!
  • People applying to jobs, going through a phone screen and go MIA when it’s time for the interview.

Depending on what your employees were making before you had to furlough or lay them off, you might find they’re making more money staying at home collecting unemployment than they are being back at work. And what happens if they get to keep their unemployment benefits through the end of the year? You still have a job to get done, and you can’t wait around for your employees to stop “milking the system”. 


I know, I sound like a broken record right now, but the bottom line is… you need your people back to work!

  • Listen, there’s some tough decisions needing to be made right now, but the biggest one is that without your people back to work, your business is either treading water or you’re slowly sinking. Or worse, you’re already sunk!

There is NO reason your people are sitting back continuing to collect unemployment!

  • If they don’t want to work, then find people who do. Trust me, they’re out there (and they’re skilled and qualified as well).

I’m pretty sure that December 31, 2020 sounds like it’s right around the corner, but that’s another almost 3 months of unemployment benefits to some people.

  • Listen, it’s good that it’s there for people who truly need it. But for those that should be back to work, you need to take the bull by the horns and get them there!

Unemployment Insurance Fraud is on the rise!

  • Make sure you’re not being taken advantage of, especially with everything that’s going on. Reach out to the Unemployment Office if your company is currently paying unemployment to people they shouldn’t be.

If you’ve got people standing you up for interviews right now, when people should be chomping at the bit to go back to work, even if only to get back on track with paying their bills, reach out to us! We’re a supplemental recruiting solution you could be using right now, that would be able to help you out of these current challenges. We are NOT an agency, we’re actually an extension of your own HR/Recruiting Department. We survived COVID, let us help you survive COVID!