Journey to AIS – Haylee Smith

Ever since I was a child, I knew that when I reached the time to pick my career, I wanted to help people. The idea of how to provide that help has been changed and adjusted hundreds of times. For many years I thought I would work in the medical field, anywhere from being a nurse to a surgeon. To my surprise it is in a way I wouldn’t have thought of previously. Recruiting is something that I had never really thought of as an option for my career endeavors. I didn’t know anyone first hand that worked in the field prior to the last few years so I didn’t really know what all it entailed.

When I was provided with this opportunity to work for AIS, I was very nervous, as I have never worked a job in this field or atmosphere before. I had concerns of whether or not I would be a fit for the environment, and even if I would do well at this sort of job. I fought my fears and anxieties and faced them head on and I have been well rewarded because of it. During my short time at AIS so far, I have had the privilege to advance, train and learn more about how the business works. 

When I first came to AIS, I started at the sourcer position, but was able to quickly train for the next level position in our business. One thing I have learned during this time is how much impact we have on both the company side and the life of the future employee. We have the potential to change someone’s life with our work. We could be the middle connection that gives someone the opportunity to reach their full potential. 

It is so important to work a job that makes you feel like you are both part of a team and valued for your work. Working with AIS has given me many great relationships with my new work family and it also gives me visual proof that my effort is paying off and making a difference! Although it may not be what I expected my career path to lead me to, I am so grateful that I am fulfilling my goal every single day by helping others.