Outsourcing or Adaptability- How About Both!

What do work quality, expertise, and hiring flexibility have in common?

Are you finding that in order to get through the damage that COVID has caused your business, that you’re having to cut costs affecting payroll? We’re seeing 10-20% pay cuts across the board with a lot of companies out there right now (just to keep their heads above water). But what does this mean to your people? Are you losing people, or worse having to do furloughs or layoffs just to get by? Are you really getting by? When is the quality of work going to be impacted or has it already? At what point is your company going to suffer to the extent that you lose business and can’t recover from it?

You do know that your business, your hiring managers, and your staff don’t have to continue suffering through something where there is no end in sight, right? This is the time to not just be looking into alternative solutions, but to be implementing them as well. Why wait it out and see if things don’t right themselves. Why run the risk of losing business in the meantime. A well laid out plan right now, something that can be used in the interim, is the perfect solution for you and your business. Maybe you’re not familiar with your options, or even the benefits of outsourcing. Maybe you’ve never tried it yourself, you’ve just heard about it from others, and you’ve previously decided that it won’t work for your company. Maybe you’re thinking you just need to be more adaptable and everything will eventually right itself. Well, these are trying times, and I mean that literally. Why not give both options a try, it’s only for a set period of time anyway. And do you know what the biggest benefit it provides to your business? It’s a tool in your “options toolbox” if you ever find yourself in need again, it will also help you to adapt to our ever changing world.

So what is this option I’m recommending to you? It’s called Flex Recruiting. Let’s be clear, we are not a temp agency. We are a supplemental recruiting solution to your needs. We provide the high touch quality, service, and support you and your hiring managers have grown to expect from your in-house team. What’s more, we can jump in immediately AND we’ve been working remotely to support our clients for over 8 years now, so we’ve got this down to a science. At this point you’re probably wondering, what is Flex Recruiting? Unlike the three traditional methods of recruiting (in house corporate, agency pay per placement, and contract) our new and innovative fourth methodology, Flex Recruiting, provides the flexible solution that you may not even realize you need! We flex to the natural ebbs and flows of your business, enabling you to carefully manage your resources and budget, all the while achieving your recruiting goals. Stop worrying about whether your in-house team can handle regrouping and getting you back on track as it relates to your staff, let us jump in as that supplemental solution to help you navigate these waters.