Uniting With Sarah’s House Through Time, Talent, and Treasure

We here at Antony International Solutions (AIS), understand the importance of values. Our President, Angela Antony, has spent many years helping those in need both locally and globally while building a career in recruiting and human resources. She has spent over 10 years in youth ministry and mission work in order to provide a strong foundation for tomorrow’s leaders to succeed. Adding to her passion for helping others, Angela started a new chapter in  life by having a family of her own and started a business model built on flexibility and strong philanthropic values. We believe that with a strong support group, any individual can surpass any challenge or feel more empowered to succeed. She wanted to pursue an organization that enriched both the family and people in need. By helping others, an individual can appreciate the multiple facets of life. Angela hopes that her children too can gain from the interaction by seeing the wonderful work of their parents and community. After researching organizations that are family oriented and help those in need, Angela found Sarah’s House. With this being said, we are very excited to announce our partnership with Sarah’s House. 

Sarah’s House is an organization within Catholic Charities that provides support and temporary housing for families in need within Anne Arundel county. The work of Sarah’s House is unique and its roots are not any different. The facility, an abandoned military barracks, was donated by the government due to a law in the 1980s stating that abandoned facilities can be donated to a nonprofit organization and be repurposed. The partnership between the state, church, and military allow for added safety, commitment, and civility which is essential for families seeking stability. The military not only provides security for the Anne Arundel people in need but also manages the maintenance of the facility. The church makes those individuals feel empowered while also planning drives and campaigns to help these people in need of support. Akin to their roots, the work of Sarah’s House (SH) is no different in its unique service.  

Sarah’s House structure requires participation in the SH community including food preparation, cleaning and child care.  During their first six weeks they live in community housing and are provided with food for meal preparation, counseling services and essentials. After the six week period, individuals have the opportunity to transition from communal living to independent apartment living. At this stage the tenants of the apartment must pay for rent and food, with commitments to financial savings goals. Sarah’s House program goals are to empower families to succeed long term on their own by providing a transitional safe, stable, supportive and education focused environment in order to integrate families back into society by building a solid foundation. 

Rather than just donate a financial contribution, Antony International Solutions plans to contribute to the shared mission with a variety of events and activities. AIS will hold domestic household items drives three times a year. Bruce Clopein, the volunteer resource manager, shared the facility has an ongoing need of domestic supplies of all kinds, most especially toilet paper. The drives will focus on plastic/paper products, linen, and toiletries. We will also be holding monthly free job search workshops conducted by Angela and team in hopes to enable the individuals of Sarah’s House to have the confidence, knowledge, and persistence to obtain a job. From our experience in recruiting, one of the biggest challenges for any job seeker is psychological. With the difficult situation that these individuals face already, the workshop will focus on building confidence and de-personalizing the process so they can really focus on the process for successful job placement. Furthermore, an annual event will be held to interact with individuals of Sarah’s House. Relating to a person is key to helping them. With there being more similarities within groups than between groups, our event will be key to connecting with the families of Sarah’s House. We hope that you too will participate in the wonderful work of Sarah’s House. If you want to change your life by changing others, there is much work to be done. Join us in making our community a better place for all by helping those that need your support. Stay posted on our social media sites for upcoming events and drives with Sarah’s House. We are very excited to see the impact of our partnership with Sarah’s House!