Vaccinations for COVID – Are you comfortable waiting, and believing, this is the answer to getting back to the old normal?


  • Vaccinations might be what it would take for employees to come back to work.
  • People coming back to work willingly, knowing there is still an epidemic happening.
  • Contingency Plans for sustaining/maintaining during COVID.
  • We’re 7 months into this pandemic, at what point do you pull the trigger?

I realize that it feels like the business world, and the economy, has pushed the pause button. Maybe they’re waiting for the election to be over, maybe they’re waiting for the vaccination trials to be done. Maybe this and maybe that, what are you seriously waiting for? How long can your business maintain in the land of maybe?


Vaccinations against COVID are NOT the answer! 

  • If you’re sitting around waiting to see what happens with the vaccinations, thinking that’s going to force people back to work, think again!

Get your people to want to come back to work willingly!

  • Give your people a reason to want to come back, set the example. If they see you being serious about your business and taking back control over your lives, they too will follow suit.

Every business creates contingency plans for their businesses (but I don’t know that businesses were truly prepared for something like COVID).

  • And yet, companies figured out a way around it (why can’t you)?
  • Part of a contingency plan involves being prepared for the “worst”. How much worse can you get than a global pandemic that prevents people from going to work? Then you have to roll with the punches and figure out how to still get work done remotely (this really is a no-brainer folks). 

We’re 7 months in, maybe you’re seeing a shift, and maybe you’re still standing in place wondering when it’s all going to end.

  • Don’t give up a guarantee for a maybe (that’s what my husband would always say to me). You can still operate and function in your business, you just have to innovate and be creative in your approach.
  • Figure out a different way in which to get your products (or your services) to the general public, think outside the box!
  • Be Open To Change! Because that’s what it’s all about. I know that may be foreign to you, but keeping with the mindset that “we’ve always done it this way or that way”, no longer works!

How do you innovate, BE the change, and turn things around? You have to make the conscious choice to just do it (what have you got to lose)? It all starts with your human resources and what they’re capable of and willing to do to take you to that next level. And if you don’t have the right people in place at this time, due to COVID, look into a supplemental resource that’s always there for you, and only when you need them. And did I mention, we’re affordable too (and we’re NOT an agency)!